Project Description

Project Brief:

The project concerns the construction of building (G+6) with footprint of 5500m2 for Al Azhar Al Sharif Cannel designated to accommodate   production and editing studios and all auxiliary services and facilities. 

The building is designed as the following: 

Basement floor (5500m2):  2 production studios (15 m high) of 525 and 630 m2, services rooms, auxiliary facilities and administration rooms
6 typical floors (1600m2/floor) designated for administration and services rooms and facilities.
Workshop building : ground floor (500 m2) with 8 m high and 1st floor with area of 500 m2. 

Scope of services:

  • Concept design
  • Preliminary design
  • Permit drawings
  • Detailed design 
  • Tender documents 
  • Construction supervision 

  • Client:

    Dyar Saudi for Engineering Consultancy